Quality Policy

Arc Drilling, Inc. defines its quality policy as follows.

Arc Drilling, a premier provider of Non-Conventional Machining processes, in order to better satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, will strive to:

Operate in full compliance with the requirements of applicable accreditations and our customers,

Provide a framework for establishing and monitoring quality objectives,

Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, and

Deliver defect-free products, on time, every time.

To provide employee leadership in and support for assurance of quality, Arc Drilling, Inc. will:

  1. Establish objectives that contribute to achieving and maintaining excellence in our activities.
  2. Communicate these objectives to assure employee understanding and support.
  3. Use effective performance reporting systems so that we can monitor progress towards meeting our goals and identify and resolve potential problem areas on a timely basis.
  4. Support procedural compliance by maintaining accurate, up-to-date, and user-friendly procedures.
  5. Provide the necessary resources and a working environment that is conducive to attainment of quality.
  6. Develop and maintain effective problem reporting so that employees can report observed quality problems or deficiencies quickly and easily.
  7. Encourage employee involvement in the pursuit of excellence by responding quickly and constructively to good suggestions for improving the quality and efficiency of work.
  8. Encourage full communication about all areas that affect safety and quality.
  9. Provide training and opportunity for employees to participate in the continual improvement process.
  10. Recognize employees’ successes in the pursuit of quality excellence in performance evaluations.


In turn we have the expectation for a commitment from each employee to assurance of quality. Each person is held accountable to:

  1. Supply accurate and timely data as required by performance tracking and reporting.
  2. Employ resources in a manner that maximizes their effectiveness in assuring quality.
  3. Maintain a safe and clean work environment.
  4. Adhere to established procedures, perform self-checking, and pay attention to detail in performance of assigned work.
  5. Notify the direct supervisor in a timely manner of any problems that may occur during the performance of duties.
  6. Report all observed quality problems and deficiencies in a timely manner, using established reporting procedures.
  7. Make recommendations to management for improving the quality and efficiency of work.