EDM Machining and Manufacturing Services

Cost effective and extremely accurate, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) methods are ideal for new products, parts and other applications in diverse industries. Manufacturers depend on Arc Drilling Inc. to use the right EDM machining services based on their specific needs.

We machine very small parts and complex shapes that are possible only with EDM (not traditional tooling). Even the hardest metals are not a problem.

EDM gives us the ability to help you manufacture the smallest parts and produce complex cavities that are impossible with traditional tooling technology.

For example, our state-of-the-art sinker and wire EDM machines deliver precise, detailed cuts in electrically conductive materials. We meet the challenge of producing long tapers and complex, internal corner cuts. We’ve mastered the production of intricate parts with difficult cuts, angles and tolerances. And we can do it all without putting stress into the material or compromising the integrity of the final structure.

We employ EDM technology to produce molds, tools, and dies as well as engine parts, jewelry and much more.

Among the exotic or hardened materials that we work with are copper, aluminum, bronze, tungsten, carbon steel, high alloy, medical grade stainless steel or carbon graphite. Heat treatment is unnecessary to conduct EDM processes. In fact, to prevent distortion during EDM, any necessary heat treatment is done to the material prior to EDM machining.

To achieve results, our EDM machines pass an electric current through a thin wire – usually brass – or custom-machined electrode. One of those is fed through the workpiece in a bath or flush of deionized water. The immersion in an inert liquid prevents the electrical discharge or spark from shorting out during the process of removing unwanted material to create a desired shape.

Different gauge wire or size/shape electrodes can be used to achieve a wide variety of cuts. While the spark works, the electrode/wire never touches the part. The final result is a smooth, burr-free surface. And that means you save time and money because polishing or finishing steps are unnecessary.

Need a prototype? Using EDM it can be made with shorter lead times than traditional machining. Need large quantities? EDM’s consistency over many parts make it ideal for mass production. The latest machinery produces results faster than previous equipment. That means you get parts sooner.

Customers turn to us because we can deliver precision part—short, medium or long run — in the time frame they need. Industries include — aerospace, automotive, defense, extrusion, electronics, food and beverage, medicine, and stamping.

Arc Drilling is available to our customers throughout the manufacturing process. Our specially trained and skilled machinists and engineers will help you determine the best process for achieving your desired results within your timeframe.

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