EDM Hole Drilling

Arc Drilling uses EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) hole drilling to produce the parts you need, when you need them.

Using state-of-the art technology, we produce both round and shaped holes, blind and through, in conductive materials. This is especially important for tough, hard-to-drill materials.

Also known as EDM fast hole drilling, our work results in accurate and precise holes ranging from micro 008” to 0.25”. This is valuable when adding holes to small parts.

Based on the specifications that you provide to us, we will create a setup to achieve results that you need. When we’re done, we produce fine finishes, which means that we won’t need to take additional steps to smooth surfaces or remove any burrs.

Integrity is maintained throughout production. Rigid materials are not deformed or stressed during the process. If heat treating is necessary, it should be done before drilling.

The EDM process passes an electric current through a “cutting wire.” To prevent shorts the wire and workpiece are bathed or flushed with deionized water. This electrical current’s spark erodes and the liquid washes away conductive materials leaving behind the desired, shaped cavity.

Unlike traditional drilling, EDM drilling leaves a burr-free, smooth channel that requires no additional polishing or finishing. The result is an accurate hole or channel made at a high speed.

We use the technology to economically manufacture a few parts for prototype work or a large production volume. The process is consistent and repeatable.

Our exceptionally skilled machinists and engineers guide customers on the best ways to develop their parts.

Arc Drilling has manufacturing operations in Cleveland, Ohio; Greenville, South Carolina; and Charleston, South Carolina.

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